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SAP EWMS Overview

SAP EWMS stands for ‘Extended Warehouse Management System’. It is a software product used for controlling the warehouse processes, managing the changes of goods in the warehouse mitigate problems, and issues with enhanced warehouse efficiency, and transform operations into an adaptive fulfillment supply chain that can share its resources. SAP EWM is used to efficiently manage inventory in Warehouse and for supporting processing of goods movement.

SAP EWM is a part of the SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) business suite. The EWM function is not a part of the SAP ERP application, which contains standard Warehouse Management System (SAP WMS). SAP EWM has declared that although they will continue to support SAP WMS, they will not be improving the product, and all new warehouse functionality will be included in the SAP Extended Warehouse Management part. 

Advantages of SAP EWM for Warehouse Management System
SAP EWM offers flexible and computerized support for dealing with the stocks available in a warehouse and processing their movements. Some of the other advantages of SAP EWM Module are mentioned below:
It gives business firms the ability to mitigate problems and issues with improved warehouse efficiency by changing operations into a versatile satisfaction supply chain.
SAP EWM Tutorialalso helps the organizations in keeping the inventory levels accurate with the utilization of Physical Inventory management functionalities.
With regards to Value Added Services, SAP EWM provides it with good functionality. As SAP EWM can fully integrate with the other modules of SAP, it can be utilized to forecast the demand in certain seasons.
The SAP EWM warehouse management gives an exact within the warehouse operation and provides stock and process transparency. SAP EWM also gives an overview of the movements of the products and warehouse stocks. This system of SAP also supports in planning, monitoring, and enhancing work processes.
An accurate inventory control management in SAP EWM is considered as the reason for the effective warehouse functioning which can be accomplished by utilizing SAP EWM.
SAP EWM is different from SAP Warehouse Management System
SAP EWM is a part of SAP SCM like Warehouse management system, however, provides more strong and advanced features to maintain key activities in the Warehouse Management System.
SAP EWM Module is similar to WMS Module. But SAP EWM gives additional features like picking, put away, RF structure, Warehouse structure, and more adaptable choices to control the warehouse management system.
In SAP EWM you can create new elements like an activity area, resources, labor management and work centers which were not available in SAP WMS.
SAP EWM gives progressively a powerful solution to manage warehouse functions in an organization. It also supports all the processes inside logistics and supply chain.
SAP EWM - Key Functionality

SAP EWM Functionality

The following are the key highlights in SAP EWM Training 
·         Using SAP EWM, control the warehouse activities like picking, posting and managing storage bin and products receipts.
·         Set alert for changed information before products receipt from EWM to the ERP system, reversal or correction of the products receipt from EWM to the ERP system and an inbound delivery split from EWM to the ERP system.
·     Perform deconsolidation of handling units which contain various products before putting them away in various storage sections.
·    Determine storage capacity concepts using slotting for products and optimize the arrangement of products warehouse automatically.
·      To perform executable tasks like work packages, consisting of warehouse tasks warehouse employees should perform as part of warehouse management activities.
·       Manage and track vehicles as well as other transportation units from the yard check-in to yard check-out, including movements and other tasks within the yard.
·    SAP EWM also includes storage and handling of hazardous substances and their transportation in accordance with the regulations from SAP Environmental Health & Safety EHS.
·   In SAP EWM, plan labor times and resources more effectively and hence you can make your Warehouse efficient by managing key resource management tasks effectively.
·   In SAP EWM, you can use Warehouse cockpit that allows you to display warehouse key figures graphically and to evaluate or monitor activities using defined chart types.
·      You can Utilize cross-docking that enables you to perform transportation of dealing with units across various warehouses till they reach final location in the Warehouse.
SAP EWM Online Training - SAPVITS
With the SAP EWM Course, you become a specialist at managing and tracking logistics performance process and master concepts like Products receipt and Products problem, storage control, warehouse order creation, posting changes, stock transfers and replenishment, physical inventory and de-consolidation process.
SAP EWM Online Training offers strong and computerized support for processing products development and managing stocks in a complex warehouse. SAP EWM allows flexible, planned and productive processing of all logistics processes. With SAP EWM you get a real-time perspective of the aggregate amount of a product in the warehouse and its perfect location.
SAP EWM help you develop the utilization of different warehouse containers and plant moves, and can store together stocks from several plants in a randomly-managed warehouse.
Using EWM, you can control and enhance various procedures in the warehouse-like Inventory Management and Delivery Processing and Business Processes. You can compose, control, and monitor the development of these products using SAP EWM Functionality. Planning and Monitoring SAP EWM permits you a complete visibility into all products developments and warehouse stocks. This module encourages you design, monitor, and enhance work processes.

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